Pre-Registered Nurse to Clinical Nurse Manager in under 5 years

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Marija Interview

Marija started working with Brookhaven Healthcare 5 years ago as a Pre-Registered Nurse and is now a Clinical Nurse Manager. Hear what she has to say about her experience.

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What it means to be a 

Pre-Registered Nurse

A Pre-Registered Nurse is a qualified nurse not yet registered with the Irish Nursing Board.

In this situation, Brookhaven Healthcare will offer you a position as a Pre-Registered Nurse.

You will start working on the floor as an HCA, where you will gain experience, get to know the residents, and see how the nursing home operates.

You will also be working at a level and in an environment where everyone will have a higher level of patience with your English Level.

Brookhaven will also work very closely with you, assisting you with obtaining your NMBI (Irish Nursing Board) registration.

Whether you sit the OET or the IELTS, passing the English test requires preparation, and we will work with you to make sure you have the time to dedicate to this preparation.

Finally, once you complete the registration process, we will offer you a position as a Staff Nurse with Brookhaven Healthcare.

Starting as a Pre-Registered Nurse you will be earning between €11 and €12 per hour. When you complete your Nursing Registration with the Irish Nursing Board you will get promoted to a Nursing position earning €17 to €19 per hour.

Also, on your promotion, you can get shares in the company.

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Brookhaven Group

We have 5 Nursing Homes based in big cities like Galway and Dublin, in towns like Castlebar and Stradbally and more rural locations like Ballyragget. So whether you are looking to live in a big city or a small town we have options available to you.
There are many benefits to working with Brookhaven

Benefits include:

  • Nurses can become part owners of the Nursing Home
  • Free Life Insurance cover up to €50,000 per employee so you & your family are taken care of
  • Free access to all the family and extended family members to Aviva’s ‘Best Doctors Second Medical Opinion service
  • Free meals
  • Pharmacy discounts; 20% on non-prescription items, 10% on prescription
  • Access to a pension scheme


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