What is a Pre-Registered Nurse, and why should you consider taking this position?

Our definition of a Pre-Registered Nurse is a qualified nurse from an EU country who is not yet registered with the NMBI (Irish Nursing Board). This will put the Nurse in the position that even though they are fully qualified and registered as a nurse in their county of training, they are not yet allowed practice as a nurse in Ireland.

The registration process with the NMBI can take from 3 months up to a year to complete depending on your ability to pass the required English test. This is where the role of a Pre-Registered Nurse comes in.

If you fall into this situation, Brookhaven Healthcare will interview you for a Nursing Position and, if successful, will offer you a position as a Pre-Registered Nurse, allowing you to start working with us as soon as possible.

The duties of a Pre-Registered Nurse are the same as that of a Healthcare Assistant, with a few differences.

  • Some time was spent shadowing a nurse to get familiar with the Nursing role in the Nursing Home.
  • Shadowing of medication rounds.
  • Time spent with a nurse completing paperwork.

So why should you consider this role?

Firstly, moving to a new country and starting to practice there as a Nurse with limited preparation can be a daunting task, especially when you consider that English is probably your second language.

Medications will probably be the same medications you a familiar with. However, they can have different names. Dealing with doctors, particularly over the phone, can pose challenges. Understanding what needs to be done and how when it comes to paperwork and administration, and understanding all the policies and procedures, all while completing your day-to-day nursing duties, can cause great panic.

Starting as a Pre-Registered Nurse gives you a chance to become comfortable with all of this while also giving you time to perfect your English without having to take on all the nursing responsibilities simultaneously.

There is also one more huge advantage. When you are working with us as a Pre-Registered Nurse, we will also assist you in preparing your NMBI application to make sure the process goes as smoothly as possible. We will also work with you regarding your roster to make sure you have the necessary time to prepare to pass your OET or IELTS.



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