You have a job offer what’s next?

You have a job offer what's next

So, your interview with Brookhaven Healthcare was successful, and you have received an official job offer by email.

So, what next. Before you can officially start working, we need to complete your employment compliance file.

We will go through everything you need to do in this blog, and we are available for any questions if there is something you don’t understand.

We will start with a list of everything you need and then cover them one by one in more detail.

  1. Signed offer letter
  2. Garda Vetting (2-step process)
  3. Two written references
  4. Completed CV with all gaps in employment explained
  5. Copy of Passport
  6. Copy of all relevant diplomas

Signed offer letter

In the email, you will find your job offer letter attached. You will need to

  1. Print
  2. Sign
  3. Scan a copy of the signed offer
  4. Email scanned copy back to us

Garda Vetting (2-step process)

This is a two-step process. Garda Vetting is the term used in Ireland to describe a Police Clearance.

Step one

Sending the following documents to Brookhaven Healthcare

  1. Completed Vetting invitation (Attached to your offer email)
  2. Passport Copy
  3. Proof of address for where you presently live, – Utility bill, e.g. gas, electricity, television, broadband or a Bank or Credit card statement (must be less than six months old). Printed online bills are acceptable. Mobile phone bills are not acceptable)
  4. Police clearance from the country you are presently living in

Any documents not in English will need to be translated by a sworn translator and must include the translator’s stamp, which includes the utility bill if not already in English.

Step 2

Once we receive all the above documents, we will submit your official application for vetting. And we will let you know once this has been done, and you will now receive an email requesting you to complete your vetting. You will receive two emails. In the first, you will need to confirm that you are the right person, and in the second, there will be a link to a form you will need to fill in and submit.

This online form is very similar to the Vetting invitation with one key difference. You will need to fill in all your addresses, not just your most recent ones. Don’t worry you will not be asked for proof of any of the addresses.

Once you have submitted the Vetting request, you will now have to wait anywhere from 1 to 4 weeks for it to be completed. You will receive an email informing you when it is completed, and we will receive the vetting as your employer.

Two written references (one must be from your most recent employer)

We will need two written references for your file, and one of these references must be from your present or most recent employer. If you are a new graduate who has not yet worked, we will accept references from a college professor and a supervisor from your clinical placements.

A reference request form is attached to your offer email, which you can print. You will need to get this filled in, in English, signed and stamped by your referees.

The reference request form is in English, and if you obtain references in any other language, you will need to get a sworn translation of them.

Completed CV with all gaps in employment explained

As part of the regulations in Ireland, we are required to have your complete CV on file. This CV must list all your employers.

If there are gaps in your CV, they will need to be explained. For example, suppose you took a few years to raise a family. In that case, you just need to put in the date you stopped working to this, and the date you started working again and simply say took two years off to raise a family, or three months off as I was looking for a new job, one year off to look after an ailing relative. Or whatever the situation was. You do not need to go into any detail here.

So, every date should be covered from the first day you started working.

Copy of Passport

A certified copy of your passport, as your passport is in multiple languages, you will not need to get this translated, just certified.

Copy of all relevant diplomas

Certified translation of all relevant Diplomas. We will not need any qualifications that are not relevant to the position. For example, if you are a Nurse with an offer of either an HCA or a Nurse, we will need a certified copy of your Nursing Diploma.

This now completes your file, and we will now be able to confirm your start date. We hope this is helpful and look forward to working with you.



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