We will be Holding Interviews in Zagreb on the 10th of June For Nurses and Healthcare Assistants at

The Brookhaven Healthcare Group

Hotel Dubrovnik
Street Gajeva ul. 1, 10000,

We only have 10 interview spots available.

These interviews will fill quickly so don’t hesitate and apply now

Marija Interview

Marija started working with Brookhaven Healthcare 5 years ago as a Pre-Registered Nurse and is now a Clinical Nurse Manager. Hear what she has to say about her experience.

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What it means to be a 

Pre-Registered Nurse

A Pre-Registered Nurse is a qualified nurse not yet registered with the Irish Nursing Board.

In this situation, Brookhaven Healthcare will offer you a position as a Pre-Registered Nurse.

You will start working on the floor as an HCA, where you will gain experience, get to know the residents, and see how the nursing home operates.

You will also be working at a level and in an environment where everyone will have a higher level of patience with your English Level.

Brookhaven will also work very closely with you, assisting you with obtaining your NMBI (Irish Nursing Board) registration.

Whether you sit the OET or the IELTS, passing the English test requires preparation, and we will work with you to make sure you have the time to dedicate to this preparation.

Finally, once you complete the registration process, we will offer you a position as a Staff Nurse with Brookhaven Healthcare.

Starting as a Pre-Registered Nurse you will be earning between €11 and €12 per hour. When you complete your Nursing Registration with the Irish Nursing Board you will get promoted to a Nursing position earning €17 to €19 per hour.

Also, on your promotion, you can get shares in the company.

All You need to do now is apply!


Your salary will be €11- €12 per hour as an HCA and €17- €18 per hour as a Nurse. 

Once a nurse not yet registered with the NMBI, submits their paperwork, they will become a Pre-Registered Nurses and will receive a salary increase.



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What is the Hourly rate for an HCA

€11.00 -€12

What is the Hourly rate for a nurse

€17 – €18

What are the weekly contracted hours

36 – 42

Are premiums paid for nights and weekends and what are they

Varying Sun & Bank Holiday rate in the five Nursing Homes.

What is the annual leave?

For a full-time employee it is normally 20 annual days.

On what date to you pay

Friday of second week

Are meals provided at work


What is the shift rotation

Normally a 12 hour shift (day or night)
Some shorter shifts exist for 6 hour and 8 hour.
All full time Nursing & HCA staff would be required to undertake a minimum of  36 hours a week.

Do you have a minimum requirement relating to experience.

Preferable if the new employee has some experience in the care of the elderly. The qualification in Ireland is FETAC Level 5 or equivalent.

What is the uniform

Uniform is a normal clinical uniform designed for Brookhaven Healthcare employees

Is the uniform provided, is it free or is there a cost

One free uniform provided to all new staff.

Will you pay for the candidates relocation flight to start work

The candidate will pay for their own flight and this will be reimbursed after you have been in your position for one month.

Will you provide assistance with getting a PPS Number and bank account


What training opportunities are available

Training relevant to the specific Nursing Home will be provided during an induction period.

Will you provide temporary accommodation for the candidate when they first arrive


If yes what will this look like

Private room in shared accommodation free of charge for first month

Will you cover the cost of the temporary accommodation

Yes, for the first month.

Will the candidate be able to stay in the temporary accommodation at their own cost after this date


Will you assist candidates in sourcing permanent accommodation


What is the standard induction period

Conducted over the first week with 3-4 supported and supervised duties off the roster.

What stage of the process will the candidate sign a contract

Letter of offer outlining the general terms and conditions will be issued at point of offer and Contract will be signed either prior to commence of during the first week.

In order to qualify for these interviews, you must hold an EU Passport, as Non-EU passport holders will require a work permit to work in Ireland and these positions do not qualify for a work permit.

Brookhaven is a family-run organisation, consisting of five nursing Homes.

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